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Get on the Web FREE - Provides Room to Grow Options starting at $1.00 per month / yearly term - Learn More ...

Free Sitebuilder using BaseKit option for USA only {} or Wordpress option for any and all World Sites {}
FREE Web site includes: 50 MB of disk space - about 6 to 10 pages FREE

Build your free website

Signup / Register for your FREE Web site pages

10 minutes

The easiest way for your business to be found online

A    and Country free business listing that helps people find businesses like yours when
searching for local products or services. Select the Local Business or Place category during
sign-up and your listing will show up on:

  • Major Search Engines such as Bing, Yahoo, MapQuest, and Google Maps
  • Instructions regarding how to sign up and use Google+
  • Google search results
  • Phones and tablets

Get started Powered by    and Country Maps

Free Business Listing on    and Country Maps and Major Search Engines

People in your area will be able to find your business on    and Country Maps when they search for the
products or services you offer.

Share with customers

Keep in touch with customers by sharing relevant updates or special offers. You can also post
photos and videos to make your business stand out.

Be found by customers on the go

Your    and Country listing will also appear on mobile phones and tablets, so you can reach customers
no matter where they are.

Build your free website

30 minutes

Try it free (for two years)

Expand your business’s reach by creating a website with baseKit Sitebuilder or Wordpress. Your free website includes:

  • 50 MB of disk space provides about 6 - 10 fully customizable pages (depends on content & image size). Need more options: starts at $1 / month yearly term is $12.
  • Use your own Custom domain name * (see below)
  • Web hosting for two years

No technical experience is required

Click Here to start and begin Creating your website now, and add your FREE    and Country Business Listing.

Powered by GetonTheWebFREE

Or log in to your GetonTheWebFREE baseKit or Wordpress account - 50 MB disk space fits 6-10 fully customizable pages using web site builders.

Pick from hundreds of professionally designed templates and customize to make it yours. To help
you get off to the right start, we'll provide free online chat support for the first 30 days.
You'll also have unlimited access to the    and Country Community and Online Help Center.

* Custom domain name:

Use any Domain Name

Your site will work with any domain you already own or you can buy one (suggest getting your domain using another TLD, such as .net or .com your Service name or Product and brand name: ALL Domain Names, if you already do not have one, can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to for detailed information. Need help, we can register your domain name on your behalf (requires your Credit Card or another form of payment).

This is your “address” on the web (for example, We will provide our name servers to you. Once you publish
your website, using our name servers at your registrar your chosen domain name will resolve to your web site, and we will cover the hosting costs for
two years.

Free hosting for two years

Your website hosting with your new design is free for two years from the day you create your account. After the first free two years, the Domain Name registration with us cost is figured at ONLY $1.25 (example .com - ICANN requires one year term - $15.00 - other TLD's at going rates) through us if you renew / transfer to us for the domain name registration, or pay / renew at your selected registrar, and $1.00 at the first paid level for the website builder offering hosting if you have not already increase your hosting option. Lean More about ROOM TO GROW OPTIONS ...

NOTE: Your Free Website you created continues to be free. YOU ONLY PAY FOR HOSTING MOVING FORWARD AT THE LEVEL YOU SELECTED.

YOUR WEB SITE DESIGN = SITEBUILDER OR WORDPRESS Website IS free FOR YOUR lifetime while you continue to host with us. Domain Name registration is handle separately, either at your registrar or ours at prevailing rates separately as was true when you signed up for the FREE website site builder and FREE hosting offering.

Managed Hosting with Cloud or cPanel controls is available upon request at additional costs.

We offer a broad range of online options & services including cPanel Hosting or Cloud Web Hosting, low cost Domains, SSL Certificates, optimised Virtual Servers and fully managed Dedicated Servers, tailored to your needs. We support both Windows (ASP, .NET, MsSQL) and Linux (PHP, MySQL) hosting environments, meaning the requirements of modern web applications are met effortlessly.

Need Help - Have questions? We have answers. We have been in the Design and Hosting Business for over 18 years.

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