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    FREE two year Sitebuilder/wp website: 50 MB Disk Space & 10 GB Transfer
    Trouble being found on Search Engines - That is our mission to correct:
    To be searched and found by your Services & Products and your name.
    Room to Grown Options:
    $1.00 PER MONTH/YEARLY TERM: 1 GB Disk Space & 150 GB Transfer
    $3.49 PER MONTH/YEARLY TERM: 10 GB Disk Space & 500 GB Transfer
    $8.99 PER MONTH/YEARLY TERM: 50 GB Disk Space & 1000 GB Transfer
    Other Add-on Options to list just a few Include:
    Business Email/WebMail, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), FTP, CGI, SSI,
    SSH, SSL Certificate, Databases, Website Statistics, FrontPage Extensions,
    Automatic Weekly Off-Site Data Backups and so much more ...
    Need Help to Build Your Website: We can provide you a Custom Design.
    SEARCH ENGINE ASSISTANCE: With Yahoo, Bing, Google, & Maps, etc.
    Fully AUTO MANAGED HOSTING: $10, $20, $35, $50, $75, $100+ plans,
    and non-profits & organizations Website Hosting starting as low as $5.
    - Need Help with new or renewing a Domain Name; glad to provide info -

Get Your Business Online - Frequently Asked Questions
Get on the Web FREE | Websites - Hosting Information: FREE Websites  

Website Builder | Easily create your own professional website

Q: What pages are included in this free site design?
A: This free offer uses either BKbaseKit Sitebuilder or Wordpress software. The free site with two years FREE hosting includes approximately (depends upon graphic/image size) 6-10 free pages, allocating 50MG of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth (monthly transfer).


  • LOCATION (Map & Directions also image of office building) PAGE
Existing domain/website

Q: I already have a website. How can I take advantage of this offer?
A: This program can be used for a second business name or as advertizing for your main domain - think of it as a yellow page ad. Although this program was designed to get small businesses online that don't already have a website; feel free to use this venue as advertizing space and we will link to your main domain site through our search sites such as, and coming soon managed by has been in the Managed Hosting & Custom Design Business for over 18 years and does have the ability to host this site and others as well as your main web site. Additionally we would be glad to talk to you about additional hosting package plans of any nature and would look forward to speaking with you.

Q: I already have a domain. How do I link it to my new website?
A: There are 2 ways to associate a domain name you already own to your new website.
  • 1.) Domain Pointing: The first option is called domain pointing or keep your current provider. The pointing process can be immediate or take upwards of 24-48 hours once you have updated the required records on your current domain registrars end.

  • 2.) Domain Transfer: The other option is a domain transfer or host within our Network. This process is very easy and takes 5-7 business days from start to finish. You however can change your current DNS nameservers to our nameservers having immediate use of this offering. We will walk you through each step.
Q: I have a Domain Name and use Google Maps, and have my business listed and searched using Google (it took a long time and Google keeps changing how they do things making it even harder). Will I lose that?
A: No, As a matter of fact, having this additional exposure / offer will not detract from your Google listing. Using this offering will help you get your website more attention and in front of more users. We will provide help with SEO allowing you to get on Google maps and search, Bing, and Yahoo even if you are NOT already using these tools. We will help: also as to how to use the new media of Social networks like Facebook, etc. - Please visit the DETAILS tab on our menu to learn more. We know working with the search engines is often hard, and again you will not lose all that time and money. We will walk you through each step; more so if you are not using already Google or others, this is a option we provide and it is not hard to understand once we take you through the steps.

Get Your Business Online - Frequently Asked Questions (Continued)
Get on the Web FREE | Websites - Hosting Information: FREE Websites  

Program Terms

Q: What does this free site package include?
A: This free offer includes: either BKbaseKit Sitebuilder or Wordpress software. Use any domain name. We provide two years FREE hosting for your FREE website with this offer. The free site includes approximately (depends upon graphic/image size) 6-10 free pages, allocating 50MG of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth (monthly transfer) for this FREE two year offering. Email and ecommerce are not included. However, you can purchase additional pages, disk space, email addresses, ecommerce solutions and many other add-ons. If you wish to learn more about pricing, please email us and a web sales consultant will be in touch with you.
Q: Who owns my domain and website?
A: The person that registers a domain name owns it. The account creator and payment provider of the website owns the website.
Q: If I have two businesses, can I create two free websites?
A: YES. If you already have a business web site you should consider this offering as another way in which to advertize your site. Do you normally use other media such as TV, Radio Newspapers, etc.; think of this in the same manner. It gives you more exposure. Your main website we will provide a free link to on the search engine, linking both this website ad to your business website. Unlike other companies, you can use this offering for a second business as well, understanding you will need to in that case purchase a NEW domain if you already do not have a second domain for this use.
Q: If I do not already have a Domain Name to use for this offering, where can I purchase?
A: ALL Domain Names, if you already do not have one, can now be registered with many different competing registrars. Go to for detailed information.
Q: Do I have to have a credit card to create my free website?
A: No, you do not. However, you must have a credit card in two case as follows: First, to register your own NEW ‘vanity’ domain name (e.g. or transfer/renew your existing domain name with us. If you don’t need a new vanity domain, you can still publish your website using an existing domain name either by managing your DNS nameservers to our nameservers, which we will give you; or we will give you your IP address on our network to point your DNS advance Zone "A Record" IP address to. Second, upon the end of the two year free hosting if you want to advance to the next level Sitebuilder / Wordpress Hosting ONLY $1.00 per month / one year term automatically - JUST $12 for Hosting. Domain name renewal is at prevailing rates; at the registrar of your choice or on yours or our reseller domain name registry account. Please be aware, however, that if you don’t enter a credit card before your free two year term ends, your FREE site hosting will discontinue and you will no longer be able to access your account. We will send you reminder emails prior to your two year term end.
Q: Is this offer available to businesses outside the US?
A: This offer is only available to US businesses, at this time, through & & will provide the same world wide Global offering, shortly.
Q: Do I have to meet any qualifications as a small business to take advantage of this offer?
A: No, any business or organization can sign up.
Q: Why does it ask for my credit card? I thought this was free.
A: We require a credit card if you ask us to complete the domain registration on your behalf or want us to automatically‎ renew your free offering once the two year term is completed to the next plan which is only $1.00 per month / yearly contract for just only $12. We process because your credit card number is the easiest way to validate domain ownership and to make sure your free offering does not expire at the end date.
Q: Do I have a contract with
A: Please be aware that if you provided a credit card at the time of sign-up, we will automatically start charging you once the two year period is up. However, you can cancel the service prior to your free two year term end at any time without penalty. IBCI - Internet Business Consulting, Inc. - is the managing Company and is what will show up on your bank statement.
Q: Will I be charged after the two years if I don’t manually cancel?
A: You will start being charged automatically once the free two year term is up if you provided a credit card at the time of signup. However, we'll send you reminder emails prior to your second year end reminding you that your free second year is almost up, and you will start to be charged. If you don't want to continue hosting your site or if the domain was provided through us you will be able to cancel at any time. You can cancel these services by logging into your account, navigating to your Account Summary and then clicking the ’Cancel all services’ link.
Q: What happens after the SECOND year of free hosting? How much does it cost?
A: Your free two year starts on the day you sign up for your Websites account. After your SECOND year of free service, you'll automatically be advanced to the next plan, unless you have selected another paid for package plan. The next plan is ONLY billed $1.00 per month / year term or JUST $12.00 / year. If you registered a domain that needs to be renewed and paid for at Prevailing Rates, at the time of renewal; either at your registrar or ours, where ever you purchased your domain name or request a transfer to us, at the time of domain name renewal. You can cancel these services at any time by logging into your account, navigating to your Account Summary and then clicking the link, “Cancel all services.”

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